Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Last night

Last night, the fam and moi, took a detour from our way to our parish to drop by a Roman Catholic South Korean Church in  midtown Toronto to see  how they  celebrated the birth of Christ.  Wish I had  the presence of mind to click a few pics.  **sigh**

The church and grounds allocated by the govt of  Ontario  to the South Korean church are simply beautiful.  The church and its buildings are at least 3 times the size of our own little church here in uptown Toronto.

When we entered the church, there was a Bethlehem play going on with tiny little kids singing and doing their stuff.  The church was packed and the ushers must have been taken aback to see  our non-Korean faces but said  a friendly "Merry Christmas" to us while they lead us to the pews.  There were real live musicians .... not just a choir.  We were very impressed indeed.  I only wish the play and the hymns,etc were in English.  Oh well !!

Our own parish  caters to a congregation  of  RCs  from all over the world and all the main services are in the English language so it was  something else to have had a chance to see South Koreans celebrating Christmas  in their own language.

We have now planned on making this a Christmas tradition  ....   visiting RC churches of  various denominations all over Toronto.  There's no other place better than Toronto to view the world's  Roman Catholics rejoicing in their PEACEFUL religion.

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