Saturday, December 15, 2012

US gun control could provoke a new civil war ?

Could happen.... if  the mighty Obama tries to please the anti-gun activists and his pussified, unreasonable, unable to think straight base.  

Damian Thompson writing at TelegraphUK:
Justin Webb of the BBC: US gun control could provoke 'something like a new civil war'  Justin Webb, one of the presenters of BBC Radio's Today programme, has tweeted something true, unpalatable and – in the circumstances – rather brave in response to the Connecticut school shootings. "A real effort to reduce gun ownership in America would result in a rural/metro and north/south divide and something like a new civil war," he wrote.

That's not a comment for or against legislation: Webb is drawing our attention to an aspect of American society that Europeans find very difficult to grasp, and also to the subterranean complexity of the gun control debate. The correlation between gun ownership and the incidence of freak massacres is not a simple one. One of the things liberals can't accept is that supporters of the NRA are just as horrified by the killings in Newtown as members of the gun control lobby – but it's true.

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