Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mass Muslim Immigration and what it spells for France's future

Nothing short of a great calamity.

Mass immigration is not a chance for France.  This is a disaster. A major disaster: identity, security, education, administrative, health, economic, social, fiscal, environmental, political, diplomatic, demographic, it is also a disaster for freedom. It is time to recall the facts in all their reality, that is to say, in all their brutality. Without hatred, of course, but without pretense or tartufferies or concessions to propriety of self-righteousness.

Identitarian catastrophe: Many Frenchmen of European origin feel like foreigners in their own country. In certain neighborhoods, they become an oppressed minority. Foreign customs - the Islamic veil, boubous, djellabas - are forced on them in public areas. Muslim food regulations are implanted in slaughterhouses and are forced on them in the food they eat. Urban landscapes are transformed by monumental mosques, the expression of a symbolic conquest of French territory. School curricula and their implementation are "adapted" to the demands of minorities from other lands. Republican principles (laïcité, merit, equal rights) are trampled on. France becomes multicultural, and as a result experiences multiple conflicts.

Security catastrophe: Strictly from the factual point of view, it is undeniable that the great majority of drug traffickers are black or Arab. Violence to women, violence in the schools, violence that degenerates among fans at sports events, are concentrated in the immigrant neighborhoods and the bordering areas that are affected. More generally, the explosion of crime since the 1970's is in direct relation to the increase in immigration. In the prisons, something on the order of two thirds of persons incarcerated are not ethnic Frenchmen. More than half the prisoners are Muslims. Nearly eight hundred neighborhoods have become lawless zones where firemen and emergency medical services are exposed to rock-throwing and where doctors fear to venture. ........

I came across the above at  the blog GalliaWatch   which is a good one to follow if you want to know about politics in France and how the country has changed for the worse.

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