Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas movies .... Sister Mary Explains It All

This 2001 movie is  based on a play.  Diane Keaton in the role of  Sister Mary, a strict nun (are there any other kind?).   I haven't watched it as yet. Could be good given a good artiste like Keaton's in it.


  1. You might want to actually watch this before you post it as a 'Christmas' movie.

  2. Dear Balbulican ... I lied when I said I had not seen it. I had seen parts of it and knew what it would be about.
    Generous soul that I am, I posted it especially for atheists like you.
    I am one of those Catholics who can laugh at the silly parts of the Bible just as loud as you atheists ... but can still remain confident in the fact that I belong to a good "club".

    1. You are most kind. I actually saw an early stage version of it many years ago, starring Sigourney Weaver (pre-Ripley).


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