Sunday, December 16, 2012

The naughty Tim Hortons .... shun it this Christmas

Tim Hortons has forgotten how to say "Merry Christmas" .... we don't understand their jargon of  "happy holidays".

I am appalled at the retailers who go out of their way to avoid saying  "Merry Christmas" and instead prefer to say "happy holidays".

What the bloody fuck is with these bastards ???

These fuckers are getting the most bucks at Christmas  time because Christmas is the only season when people, irrelevant of the religion they belong to .. buy tonnes of  products from these retailers.   Christmas is the time when people visit these establishments and spend, spend, spend.   Not Hanukah, not Eid, not Diwali, not any other festival on earth.

Would it be asking too much of  you fucking morons at Tim Hortons  to  get  that simple fact into your thick skulls???    Would it??  Would it??

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