Saturday, December 7, 2013

Our world is gonna get richer by $1 Trillion which will create 20 million new jobs

Wonder how many tonnes that sort of money would weigh.  Wonder if we will stop seeing the homeless in our streets.  Wonder if poverty will be lifted.  Wonder if wars will cease.  
Look out for pigs flying all around and above you ... that would be a clear indication that we are seeing a physical change. 

Andrew Walker writing at BBC:
Ministers from 159 countries  have reached a deal intended to boost global trade at a meeting in Bali, Indonesia.
The World Trade Organization's first comprehensive agreement involves an effort to simplify the procedures for doing business across borders.
There will also be improved duty-free access for goods sold by the world's poorest countries.
The deal, which could add about $1tn to world trade, gives developing nations more scope to increase farm subsidies.
"For the first time in our history, the WTO has truly delivered," said WTO chief Roberto Azevedo, as the organisation reached its first comprehensive agreement since it was founded in 1995..........

Damien McElroy writing at TelegraphUK:
Deal to boost global trade  reached at WTO summit
David Cameron, the prime minister, says a “historic” global trade deal could be worth £1 billion a year to British businesses as the World Trade Organisation reaches its first pact on easing worldwide trading rules since its foundation in 1995. 145
Ministers meeting in Bali sealed agreement among the WTO’s 159 member economies for the pact, which eases barriers to trade by simplifying customs procedures, limiting agricultural subsidies, and promoting trade with least-developed nations.
The deal could boost global trade by $1 trillion and create 20 million new jobs, keeps alive the WTO’s broader 12-year marathon Doha Round of trade negotiations designed to reduce international tarriff barriers.........

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