Friday, December 6, 2013

One rotten apple found in a Tim Hortons franchise outlet in BC

One of the individuals holding a Tim Hortons' franchise in BC is playing dirty ... but that does not mean that the entire chain is playing the same tricks.  I wish Yahoo had made that clear so people didn't take the reporting at face value.  Nobody stops to think of why and how behind any of the multitude of daily news items we read in our brave new world of today.  For that reason, journalists should be extra careful of how they report certain items.  In taking another gander I see that Yahoo has taken the item from CBC who of course has never learnt the meaning of TRUTH. Figures!

Suffice to say,  I love Tim Hortons.  I hope the chain grows in strength in every nook and corner of Canada. 

Steve Mertl writing at Yahoo:
Fast-food outlets seem to be among  the most enthusiastic users of Ottawa's problem-plagued Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

According to federal statistics, sales and service jobs far outpace other occupations in the program. The government approved more than 70,000 such positions last year, compared with just under 50,000 the year before, representing the largest year-over-year expansion among the program's nine categories.
It shouldn't be surprising that some employers will take advantage of the vulnerable newcomers who've left their homes overseas in search of work to support their families.
That's what allegedly happened to employees of a Tim Hortons outlet in the mountain town of Fernie, B.C., CBC News reports.

Two workers have come forward to claim their employer, Pierre Pelletier, cheated them out of overtime pay.
Heidi Kibanoff and her boyfriend, Richard Pepito, say Pierre Pelletier hired them and other Filipinos under the program. Their long work hours earned them overtime pay but they didn't get to keep it, the claim reads.
"He will issue a cheque to us and then what he wants is you cash the cheque, and after you cash the cheque you give the money back to him," Pepito said, according to CBC News.
Kibanoff said Pelletier would drive employees to the bank and wait while they cashed their cheques, CBC News reported. Then it's alleged he asked for a portion of the money..........

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