Monday, December 9, 2013

Did comet ISON escape the wrath of our Sun ?

According to some, the comet is no longer  its original self but a part of it might have survived its sojourn near the Sun.  Scientists need more time to tell us how much of its mass ISON has lost  or if the remaining mass is disintegrating or has already disintegrated completely and whether our universe has already lost or is in the process of losing one beautiful comet. 

From MyScienceAcademy:
Could Comet ISON possibly still be alive? The latest high-resolution images available from the STEREO spacecraft are still showing some remains of the comet, although each day seems to show less and less activity. “If anything of ISON’s nucleus is left, it’s an inactive husk of a nucleus now,” Karl Battams from the Comet ISON Observing Campaign told Universe Today. “The comet remnant is fading fast in the STEREO data.”.........

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