Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cornflakes and layoffs

Kellogg's gives a great Christmas gift to 500 employees. They will all be without work come Christmastime next year. What irks me about these corporations is how they invariably pick Christmastime to give their dirty news!  How disheartening to know that there will be 500 families not having a happy Christmas this year because they will wonder what will happen to them come December 2014.

Shame on the decision makers at Kelloggs!!  Couldn't you have waited until January 2014 to give the bad news.  

From MontrealGazette:

...The Kellogg’s plant in London, Ont.,   will close by the end of 2014, resulting in the loss of more than 500 full-time jobs.

The employees were told the news Tuesday during a staff meeting.
"As with any project of this scope and one that impacts people, these are difficult decisions," John Bryant, president and chief executive of Kellogg Company said in a statement.
"We are very mindful of the impact these changes will have — particularly to our employees. As our employees and others would expect from Kellogg, we will help those who are impacted through their transitions."
Just last month, the company announced that it was laying off 110 workers by January 2014.

Kellogg’s has been in London since 1924...........


  1. Heinz recently closed in that small Ontario town, Lemington, where they had been a mainstay to the town and tomato farmers. Now this. It's a shame.

    1. Why do I get this feeling that the American companies want out of Canada ... especially out of Ontario? Canada is probably not as attractive a place for them anymore to do business and maybe they feel they will get a better deal in their own country while also giving the much needed employment boost to their own citizens. I can't fault that.

  2. Just heard on the news that Kellogg's is closing another plant in Australia. But they are expanding a plant in Thailand. I will be watching the 'made in' labels on their cereal. And regarding Heinz, I also heard but did not verify that they will be getting tomato paste from China. Yeah, a place that ships dog food here and the dogs get kidney failure. Paying Asian workers a $1/hr is a lot more attractive to the corporations than paying Canadian workers +$20/hr.

    1. Ah-hah!! all for the almighty $.
      Too many things are being imported here to Canada from unknown places. Recently, at Sears, I came across great looking gift sets of exotic smelling soaps and perfumes that they had marked down by 50%. There was no indication whatsoever about the country of origin. I couldn't help wondering why that was and what went into the making of the soaps and perfumes. Scary. Smart people would not use such stuff even if they were giving it away free.

    2. You would think that laws about labeling would not allow the lack of this information. I am always suspicious of the food label that states "Prepared for Loblaws" or whatever.
      I have a washing machine that is leaking after 4 years. I looked at the label, "Made in China" It's hard to find stuff made in North America. My late mother had a washing machine that was still working and NOT leaking after 20 years. Guess where that was made. Yup, the USA. She also had a 26 inch big old tube colour TV that only died in its 25th year. Yup, made in Canada this time. People can't expect long life anymore and it seems they don't care, just buy a new fancier, bells and whistles, cheap piece of junk. Nobody really expects to keep their new flat screen TV's more than 5 years. Then regardless whether it is broke or nor, they get a new model. Consumerism running rampant.


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