Friday, February 3, 2012

Hon. Jason Kenney, with all due respect, you are colossally wrong !!!!

What's the remedy when there's a grain of suspicion that chickens have the bird flu?   All are culled to stop the disease from spreading. That's commonsense because we can't carry out diagnosis on each and every chick to determine if it is infected with the bird flu ... so we use a commonsense method and cull them all.

Canada has to take steps to stop importing muslims .... Period!!!  At this point in time, we do not know how many are infested with koran and islam.  It's total lunacy to bring in more cultists and fund their cult centres with taxpayers' money. Someone somewhere in the madhouses known as Parliament halls, should find the cojones to say so and put forward a plan to implement this.  Drastic measure ... yes .... but enough is enough.  Let those muslims who are already in our midst have a chance to recover from their malaise and assimilate with the rest of us before importing more of those stricken with the cult.

In the vid below Jason Kenney gives an extremely silly example of how the Irish immigrants were criticized when they were new immigrants to Canada.  I don't see any parallel between that and then and our proven apprehension here and now, with muslims in Canada.  I don't see or hear of any 2nd generation or 3rd generation Irish Canadians or their kids, dreaming of killing infidels like the muslims want to.

For your country's sake, Minister Kenney ... please do the right thing even if the action is controversial and even if it will shock people around the world.  People are resilient and get over shocks within a 24 hr frame. However, your inaction on appropriate action viz  muslim immigration to Canada will enable the cultists to keep us, the citizens of Canada, in a state of shock ... permanently.

Canada has to open the dialogue right away to close the doors on muslim immigration for a period of at least 10-15 years.   Some western country  has to take the first step.  Let Canada lead.


  1. "Canada has to take steps to stop importing muslims .... Period!!! At this point in time, we do not know how many are infested with koran and islam."

    Sure we do...every Muslim is "infested" with Koran and Islam...that's why they're Muslims! It's a repugnant suggestion in any case.

  2. Yeah... I know it's a repugnant suggestion but someone has to say such things to make an impact. "Political correctness" is not found in the limited edition of the dictionary of words and phrases available to me and I have no intention of buying the new dictionary.


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