Friday, February 17, 2012

Mosques in Canada funded by the cavemen from Saudi Arabia

What are the bets that almost all moques in Canada are getting dirty money not only from Saudi Arabia but from Iran, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and every muslim govt. that wants to undermine the Western world .... and is there any muslim country that does not want to undermine the West ?

The decades of Liberal rule in Canada has brought on this unholy mess to our shores.  However, now that a Conservative govt is in power, let's hope they clear this mess once and for all.... and rid us of Saudi Arabia's poison as soon as possible. 
Canada has to send a message to Saudi Arabia which is loud and clear: 
"Stop interfering in the lives of Canadian muslims and stop interfering with Canadian oil."
To read comments and know more on what's happening in mosques all over Canada and the CSIS report on how our muslim youth is radicalized   visit Blazing Cat Fur

According to SunNews report:
....So far the Government of Canada has not commented on the out-of-country investment.

Immigration and Public Safety officials have worked tirelessly in the past eight months to deport known war criminals in Canada illegally and have cited concerns about young Muslim students from being recruited at high schools into the world of radical Islam......

Wake up Ottawa .... and smell the islamization.

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