Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Canada's ally in wars, the UAE, jails people for consensual sex

Don't forget that the Liberal leader Bob Rae thinks the UAE is so wonderful that we should allow their airlines to have a bigger quota of Canadian business than our own airlines.  Don't  forget that the Conservative govt. took us to war against Libya so we could fight alongside this joke of a country  against Libya, which used to be the most prosperous country in Africa before it's destruction by NATO.

A driver was taken by surprise when his girlfriend's sponsor caught him hiding in a wardrobe after the couple were interrupted having sex.

The 40-year-old Pakistani driver was caught hiding inside the wardrobe of his 40-year-old Filipina girlfriend, a housemaid, after her Emirati sponsor banged on the door while the couple were in bed together.........

via:  Religion of Peace

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