Wednesday, February 8, 2012

If you are a muslim leader on the wrong side of the wahhabi nuts .... watch out brother !!!

A progressive muslim president of the Maldives like Mohamed Nasheed who believed that his country could be self-sufficient by being one of the world's top vacation spots ... sort of  like a non-cultish "Mecca" of fun, ruffled the feathers of lunatics in Saudi Arabia with the result that the man had to resign.

"I don't want to hurt any Maldivian. I feel my staying on in power will only increase the problems, and it will hurt our citizens. So the best option available to me is to step down," Mr Nasheed said yesterday.
"I resign because I am not a person who wishes to rule with the use of power."

Good man that Mohamed Nasheed, although he is a delusional global warming hawk ... he truly believes in the Al Gore bible, so much so that he held an underwater cabinet meeting to show the world what could happen when the waters rise. However, but he is definitely not a rabid follower of the cult of islam. There's salvation for global warmists but none for the brain-dead islamists.

His supporters have not given up. There's rioting and gun battles going on in the Maldives.

Just like Ivory Coast is now in the hands of the Caliphate, so also will the Maldives in the blink of an eye.

No baby steps no more. The Caliphate is leaping over obstacles to reach us.

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