Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Caliphate panting hot to grab Syria ....

and their armies all over the world  are doing their biding .... with the help of the press of course.  Don't forget what it was like just before Egypt fell into the Caliphate's hands. The same kind of protests were synchronized all over. The Muslim Bros are pretty good in synchronizing events. 
Below is a list of some of the Syrian embassies which were attacked by the Caliphate's army, an army that has deep roots already planted in these countries having  arrived there  via. Trojan horses courtesy our beloved politicians.

The Syrian opposition takes control of the Syrian embassy in Libya. I think this was the main target and the goal.
Vid below from the attack  in London.

All the killings and atrocities happening in Syria are blamed on the Assad govt. How can that be? Is the opposition without any firearms ? What happened to all the arsenal looted from Libya, which quickly found it's way to Syria?
Don't forget that we were getting almost the same kind of rhetoric about Libya and ultimately it was found that the 1000s of "innocent" people purported to have been killed by Gadhafi were less than 150 and not all that innocent either. Why was Gadhafi neutralized? Because the man was funnelling lotta money and support to the anti-Saudi group operating from London. How many know about that? Zilch.

It's not that I don't realize that the present Syrian govt needs to be neutralized in order to damage Iran and's the distortion of facts that give rise to the bile in my throat. Why do our overlords think we are so gullible that we will believe and accept any crap they feed us ?

It's because of the constant lies that people like Julian Assange gave birth to Wikileaks.... and why hackers are doing what they are doing to lay open the layer upon layer of mistruths and propaganda that govts. keep hidden or sugarcoat because they think we the people toddlers won't understand.
It's one big nasty world out there.

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