Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Muslim crime wave in Canada .... Part XII

119) A 26-year-old man is facing several charges after a jewelry store near Kingston Rd. and Eglinton Ave. E. was robbed at gunpoint. The men made off with a quantity of jewelry worth $636,000. Police say the accused, along with three other men, walked into the jewelry store on Jan. 26 when one of them, armed with a gun, jumped over the counter and pushed the employees to the back of the store.

Muhammad Ishaq, a 26-year-old Toronto man, faces five charges including robbery with a firearm, possession of proceeds of crime, and assaulting a peace officer.

120) Yup ... a police officer too. On second thoughts, maybe the police force is a fitting career choice for violent muslims. They can carry a badge with licence to bully and hurt. Police officers who claim they can’t believe a fellow officer squeezed the testicles of a motorist haven’t read the judgment finding him guilty of assault, a prosecutor says.

At the sentencing hearing Thursday for Const. Salameh Marji, Crown Attorney Ian Bulmer raised credibility issues with Marji’s testimony and argued that senior officers called to testify as character witnesses were biased in their glowing appraisal. Marji was found guilty last year of one count of assault and one count of sexual assault stemming from the traffic stop and search of a 21-year-old driver on Sept. 2, 2009.

Evidence showed Marji punched the driver in the face and slammed his head on the police cruiser. He also grabbed the driver twice by the testicles and squeezed so hard as to elicit screams of pain......

121) ....Shiraz Nariman, 42, of Toronto, has been charged with:
1) Luring a Child Under 16 years
2) Invitation to Sexual Touching
3) Accessing Child Pornography
4) Make Child Pornography
5) two counts of Possession Child Pornography
Police believe there may be more victims....

122) Finding foreign terrorists on home soil should come as no shock to Canadians who may be partially to blame, says an Edmonton professor of international relations.

The arrest of Edmonton-based alleged terrorist Sayfildin Tahir-Sharif -- whose extradition hearing was recently delayed -- demonstrates the potential "that there are people self-radicalizing here, and how easily extremist predilections can go unidentified."

Tahir-Sharif - at the Edmonton Remand Centre since his January 2011 arrest - is charged with aiding and conspiring in the murders of U.S soldiers Staff Sgt. Gary L. Woods, 24; Sgt First Class Bryan E. Hall, 32; Sgt. Edward W. Forrest Jr., 25; Cpl. Jason G. Pautsch, 20; and Pte. 1st Class Bryce E. Gautier, 22.

An extradition hearing for the alleged terrorist was initially slated for Jan. 31 but was adjourned until May 14. The arrest of the 38-year-old construction worker should be a wake-up call, says Knight......

123) The Montreal police Child Sexual Exploitation Investigations Section has announced the arrest of six young men in a case of human trafficking and prostitution.

Two underage girls allegedly met the suspects in February 2011 and were forced into prostitution. The girls told police that they managed to flee to their freedom a week later.

Police have arrested Abdul Karim Nassereddine, 20, Naib Ali Soilihi, 20 and Mohammed Rami Taha, 19. Mezri Mehdi Mohamed Hamza, 21, turned himself in Thursday after being sought by authorities. The two others arrested cannot be named, as they were minors at the time of the alleged offences.

124) Mohammad Hamadeh fatally stabbed his 81-year-old neighbour Marion Lyons and left the woman in a pool of blood before shopping at her expense, a Crown attorney alleged Monday.

Elizabeth Kozak accused the father of three of stabbing Lyons 90 times and then used her MasterCard to ring up purchases while using his own Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum card.

125) Black muslims like to spell their muslim names differently and often times don't have an easily identifiable muslim moniker. In the following item, read Meerza as "Mizra" and Jahmal as "Jamal". Hawks like me are not fooled ... not one bit. Four males have been charged after police seized drugs and a firearm Friday night.

Police said the males were arrested in the Kingston Road and Morningside Avenue area at 11:50 p.m. on Feb. 10. They were allegedly in possession of marijuana, crack cocaine and a loaded revolver, police said.

Jeffery Emanuel Meerza, 18; Bismark Barrett, 20; Tyrrell Jahmal Turner, 19, and a 17-year-old male face charges, including possessing a restricted firearm with ammunition. The 17-year-old can't be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.....

126) Police allege several men were drinking in the area when an argument broke out with two other people. Shots were fired. Both groups then fled the scene.

Police arrested three men. One man was released without charges. Officers seized two loaded guns, a 9 mm Ruger P95 and a .40 calibre Glock.   Abdullah Abdullahi, 24, of Toronto faces 15 gun-related charges, including weapons dangerous and careless use of a firearm. Mohamud Duale, 20, of Toronto faces 20 gun and robbery-related charges.

127) White girls are easy. ....This past weekend, however, one of those marriage fraudsters got his just desserts thanks to a spouse who refused to be a victim. Lainie Towell's ex-husband, Fode Mohamed Soumah, was by all accounts deported back to his native country of Guinea in West Africa.

He had walked out on his 2007 marriage to Towell three weeks after uttering his wedding vows, but it took more than three years for the Canadian Board Services Agency to get him on the airplane after he used every avenue of appeal.....

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