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Muslim crime wave in Canada .... Part XI

Keeping track of muslim crimes in Canada is proving to be definitely not an easy task.... not in the least.   In many cases, our politically correct news outlets or the news releases from police depts. refrain from giving the name of the accused but that's when my spidy sense tells me a muslim is involved.  In most cases the muslim names are divulged only when and if the case goes to trial.

There are an awful lot of crimes committed by muslim immigrants happening in each and every Canadian city but the mainstream media throws a blanket over the whole messy situation when dealing with this cult.  I have also noted that when the perpetrators are white or non-muslim, their pictures and names are readily available. When a name and pic is not available, you can take it for granted that 80% of the time the culprit will be muslim or black. 

Another drawback at keeping an accurate record, are the legal implications in the case of rape or abuse where the victim is a minor or a person who is mentally challenged.  In such cases, the name of the victim AND the name of the perpetrator are not released to the public.

To give you an example of how completely hogtied our justice system happens to be, and how totally it is on the side of criminals instead of the victims and their families, read this from yesterday's Toronto Star. I rest my case.

103) Es-Sayyid arrived in Canada at age seven with his family and filed refugee claims. He became a permanent resident but never obtained citizenship. He claimed he couldn't be deported to Egypt because his father is a political dissident and he will be persecuted upon return.

Federal Court Judge Michel Shore threw out the appeal last month and ordered the deportation to take effect "as soon as it is realistically feasible to do so."

Court heard Es-Sayyid was jailed for using a knife and sawed-off shotgun in the June 2007 robbery of an escort and her girlfriend in their apartment. He got away with $1,910, the victim's purse, cellphones and identification cards.

Es-Sayyid was convicted of using a shotgun in July 2007 to rob a private club and patrons of $3,000 cash and $1,500 in personal goods. And on July 26, 2007, Es-Sayyid armed with another gun, and an accomplice, robbed a third sex worker in her hotel room of her purse containing $505 cash, two credit cards, two cellphones, identification and personal effects. One week later, on Aug. 1, a fourth escort agency worker was robbed by Es-Sayyid and two others as she was exiting an elevator. They stole her purse, cellphone, identification documents and $395 cash.

104) Muslims on the Most wanted list still at large: 1) Mohammed Hassan Farah, 56, is believed to be hiding in the Toronto area after being accused of taking part in atrocities in Somalia that violated Crimes Against Humanity. 2) Atean Al Meliky Kesir Firs, 37, went underground for allegedly taking part in war crimes in his native Iraq. His aliases include Bashir Haider, Haider Bashir, Kesir Al Meliky and H. Abed Rashid Bashir. He has been on the run for some time and doesn't plan on returning home, police said. 3) Khalil Abdul Khalil, 76, of Afghanistan, was allegedly a senior colonel in KHAD, the notorious secret police service that operated in Afghanistan during the Marxist era. His family and lawyer dismiss allegations that Kilal violated Crimes Against Humanity laws. 4)

105) Three men have been charged in connection to a Rexdale shooting Sunday morning. Police responded around 11:30 a.m. on Nov. 6 to a call reporting a shooting at 2058 Kipling Ave. just north of Rexdale Boulevard. Police found one man shot in the leg.

Manihanullah Abdul Basir, 22, Zabirullo Jumakhon, 19, and Omed Sarwary, 24, all of Toronto were arrested on Monday and Tuesday. The men face a total of 20 charges, including aggravated assault and possessing a firearm.

106) A doctor of natural medicine is charged with sexual assault after a woman claimed she was assaulted inside his North York practice.

Police said a 20-year-old woman attended the Toronto Poly Clinic at 5460 Yonge St. for an appointment with the accused Oct. 26. During the appointment, she was allegedly sexually assaulted. Ali Rahmanian, 44, of Toronto, was charged Tuesday, Nov. 1. Police believe there may be more victims.

107) A man shot dead on a street in the city of Culiacan in Sinaloa state has been identified as Salih Abdulaziz Sahbaz, a Canadian citizen originally from Iraq. In an interview in Spanish, Gerardo Vargas Landeros, the secretary of state of Sinaloa, said Sahbaz had both a current and expired Canadian passport on his body when it was found Monday.

"The report I have indicates that he was up to no good," Landeros said. "Of all those tourists who have come to enjoy Sinaloa, its beaches, everything we can provide, no one has ended up in trouble," he said. "This would be the occasion when someone comes with intentions that we cannot divulge right now, but …we can guarantee he wasn't coming as a tourist."....

108) Police have charged two men in the case of a Bedford man accused of helping foreign nationals fraudulently obtain permanent-resident status and Canada citizenship.

The RCMP announced on Thursday that they charged 39-year-old Hani Dalqamouni and 37-year-old Nael Al-Mehdawi under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Dalqamouni, a Canadian citizen, is charged with three counts of counselling misrepresentation, while Al-Mehdawi, a permanent resident of Canada, is charged with misrepresentation. The two are thought to be clients of Bedford’s Hassan Al-Awaid, who is accused of helping foreign nationals from the Middle East obtain permanent-resident status and Canadian citizenship through fraudulent means.

109) An aspiring police officer who helped clean a car used in a teenager’s shooting death asked to be spared any more time in jail Thursday.

An apologetic Khaled Wehbe said he made a mistake when he agreed to help wash out blood and other evidence from the Nissan Maxima where Yazdan Ghiasvand Ghiasi was shot to death on Dec. 6, 2010.

“I was naive,” said Wehbe, who, in October, pleaded guilty to obstructing justice. “A friend told he was in trouble and needed my help.”....

110) A Muslim cleric deported from Canada in 2007 is still pulling the strings at a Montreal mosque from his United States prison cell, some congregation members charge.

Some senior members at the Association Coranique de Montréal, which runs the Al Qods mosque on Bélanger St. E., are planning a demonstration on Friday at 12:30 p.m.Said Jaziri has been in detention in San Diego since January, when the U.S. Border Patrol nabbed him trying to sneak over the Mexican border in the trunk of a car. But the congregation members say that hasn’t stopped the controversial imam from keeping a tight rein on the Rosemont mosque and community centre he founded in 2000....

111) Muslims bribing Canadian Immigration officers and corrupt officers taking the bribes. ....Mahmoud Samih Zbib got his Canadian citizenship in 1998. But he needed paperwork for the love of his life, who had overstayed on a one-month visa.

Zbib figured her permanent residency application would be approved but the slow process weighed on his wife. He agreed to meet with a fixer who boasted of a direct line to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The fixer was Issam Dakik, who’s already pleaded guilty for his role in influence-peddling ring......

112) Arab Christians too? Nothing good comes from those rotten countries: Morgan said investigators are working with bank analysts to determine if any money was drained from accounts. "Arrests such as these remain an important priority for the RCMP and law enforcement around the globe," Acting Insp. Henry Tso, of the GTA Commercial Crime Unit, said in a statement.

Eight Quebec residents are charged with unlawful possession of credit card data, trafficking in credit card data and commission of an offence for a criminal organization. Those facing charges are: Amine Cherif, 20, Michael Haddad, 19, George Minadakis, 20, Youssef Akkouche, 21, all of Montreal, Hussein Eddine, 24, Georges Ghossoub, 19, both of Laval, and Regis Carre, 24, of Dollard Des Ormeaux.

113) Why are names withheld when it comes to members of that sensitive segment of our society? Something is very wrong with the police authority's handling of cases and communication .... in areas that are rife with muslim crimes. WHY?? .... Members of Winnipeg's Eritrean community gathered Tuesday to mourn a 34-year-old woman who was heard screaming in her apartment before cops swarmed the building. ....
114) A Canadian man accused of masterminding one of the largest high-tech bank robberies in U.S. history was sentenced to nearly 18 years in prison Monday following a years-long investigation into fake debt collection agencies that stole the identities of about 38,000 people.

Authorities believe Adekunle Adetiloye organized a scheme to open nearly 600 fraudulent bank accounts and bilk 22 major banks, potentially costing those banks and credit card firms up to $5 million. Assistant U.S. Attorney Nick Chase in North Dakota, where the case was handled, said the 40-year-old had an "insatiable hunger for other people's money."

Investigators said Adetiloye incorporated two different companies in Delaware — Syspac Financial Services and Commet Consultant Inc. — that claimed to be debt collection companies. He gained access to commercial data providers, including large-scale outfits LexisNexis and ChoicePoint that only allow access to law enforcement, financial services and debt collection companies. With access to those data providers, Adetiloye and others obtained the personal identification information to about 38,000 people, most of whom were medical professionals. They used that information to open credit card, debit and checking accounts, prosecutors said............

115) ....Acting on information from the Canadian Border Services Agency and Toronto Police’s guns and gangs unit, officers also retrieved a sub machine gun and a 9mm hand gun.

Two women are now facing more than 275 charges. Muna El Badri, 23, faces 118 charges including 86 counts of possession a prohibited weapon for trafficking, and 18 counts of knowingly importing or exporting a prohibited weapon. Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of Keri McKnight, 30.

116) Ali Garakan was stabbed in the chest area 15 times -- then stabbed several more times in his legs before his body was stuffed in a trunk, a jury heard yesterday.

His body was driven to a secluded road where it was dumped in a ditch and set on fire in November 2008, court heard. Mohammad AL Kazragy, 28, Payam Khastou, 25, and Arash Arashvand, 26 -- all of Toronto -- are charged with first-degree murder. They have pleaded not guilty.....

....."They disliked -- even had hatred toward Ali Garakan," said McCleave, explaining they were angry because Garakan, 47, harboured three teenage girls who did not want to live at home with their mothers.

They called Garakan a "pervert," and accused him of touching the girls inappropriately, said the Crown. But the girls claimed he never touched them, and one referred to Garakan as a father figure and called him uncle......

....The Crown said police seized a surveillance video that shows all three men meticulously cleaning a Black Nissan Maxima for four hours that night at the Hakim Auto dealership which is owned by the accused Al Kazragy's family.....

117) Kareem Alli, 19, was convicted Wednesday of dangerous driving causing death for his part in a street race that claimed the life of an 18-year-old man. Alli had pleaded not guilty to dangerous driving causing death and to criminal negligence causing death.

Christian "Sisco" Williams, 18, was killed when his Honda smashed into a lamp post in the city's south end on June 22, 2010. Williams was just two days shy of his high school graduation. ........

118) And the granddaddy of them all: The Shafia family "horror at the Kingston locks" murders.

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