Friday, December 26, 2014

What and Who exactly brought down the Jordanian fighter aircraft?

The coalition lead by warmonger USA wants us to believe that the jihadis did not down the jet and that the jet crashed.  But, they don't tell us how.

Here's what I think has happened.  In February this year we learnt via WSJ that the Saudis agreed to provide Syrian Rebels with Mobile Antiaircraft Missiles. 

This was around the same time that the USA also got the Syrian rebels (FSA) on their payroll and monthly salaries in US Dollars were paid to the jihadis for killing Syrians anywhere, any place, any how as long as they also got Assad.

The Saudis and also other actors from the region hoping to send Assad six-feet under, pooled their black gold billions into buying Chinese and Russian Manpads and antitank guided missiles which were sent to the Syrian rebels in a never-ending supply.  Where do you think all those missiles and manpads are today? Many of those arms must have been sold to jihadis even outside Syria and Iraq and large quantities might have been either captured or sold to the newer brand of jihadis known as ISIS or IS.

So .... now when the #1 warmongering nation is propagandizing that the Jordanian plane was not brought down by the jihadis, it's probably a big fat lie.  Why?  The answer is simple.  The weapon that brought down the coalition jet was a weapon from the coalition itself.  Capiche?!  That's a big hard bitch slap to the coalition's collective face. 

Additionally, now the coalition will be willing to meet the demands of whatever kind of ransom the jihadis want in exchange for the Jordanian pilot.  The demands might be millions in cash or release of a long list of  their jihadi brothers. Or maybe both. Keep your eyes open for the release of certain jihadis from GITMO, Iraq, Afghanistan and especially from Assad's prisons. We won't know .... at least until much later .... what Assad will get in return for releasing jihadis from his dungeons. However, take it for granted that there will be an exchange of several hard-core jihadis for the downed pilot or tonnes of money.  If the demands are far too outrageous, then they won't be met.  In that case you can expect to see the pilot's head paraded around by one of the Frankensteins for those Muslim Heritage Photographs.  

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