Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The American revolution of 2014 geared up anew to march on into 2015

Things are getting from bad to worse in the great Empire.  If America breaks up, I am wondering which states will be ruled by Obama, Axelrod, Holder and gang and which will go to the Bush and Clinton families and their hangers on.  Gotta take a look at the map again to come to a "maybe" conclusion and imagine where the future borders between "white" America and "black" America are gonna be.

I am also wondering if the police officers, say from just the last 3 years' of black men shot in police incidents, if most of those officers were trained by Israelis or were trained by Americans who were trained by Israelis.  I have this feeling that that would be telling a lot about the deadly robotic, devoid of human emotions whatsoever behaviour from the cops.  

The African Americans, especially those who are under-educated are often crime-bend and in several cases, the cops' actions can be justified.  My peeve is that the cops once they start shooting they pump away and don't stop until their victim is stone cold dead.  Why shoot to kill instead of just wounding the target???

From ABC:
A man was shot and killed    
by a police officer Tuesday in Berkeley, Missouri, authorities said -- sparking new unrest in a region already reeling following an August police shooting a few miles away in Ferguson.

The town's mayor worked to calm the unrest this morning by saying that there are major differences between the two cases.

"All of us are saying the same thing: 'It's a white policeman killing a black man, and when does this stop?' I can assure you that is not what happened last night," Berkeley Mayor Theodore Hoskins said this morning.

Hoskins said that he has watched the video of the incident and, though they are going to complete two thorough investigations by both the local police and the county police, he differentiated Tuesday night's shooting from other recent cases.

"You couldn't even compare this with Ferguson or the [Eric] Garner case in New York," said Hoskins, who is African American. "The Garner case in New York, they had the video; Ferguson they did not. We have the video. I can assure you what is on the video, we're going to use."

The latest shooting happened at 11:15 p.m. Tuesday at a Mobil gas station, St. Louis County Chief of Police Jon Belmar said in a morning news conference.....

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