Monday, December 29, 2014

Anglosphere MSM getting punked by jihadis and their supporters

In its mad rush to be the "first to report"  the MSM constantly fails to conduct even a cursory investigation into stories and pics they publish .... but come to think of it, why should the "journalists" employed at these lying, sensational creating media outlets even bother.  They know the sheeple will swallow everything and anything they write... hook, line and sinker.  

From TheGuardianUK:
Twitter user claims Daily Mail story  of white British jihadi is a hoax
Blogger claiming to be based in Yemen boasts of fooling UK newspaper as extremism experts examine photo’s authenticity

A Twitter user claims to have pranked the Daily Mail with a story about a white British teenage boy who purportedly joined Islamic State after failing to get a university place.

The story, headlined Who is Britain’s white jihadi youth?, first appeared on MailOnline on Boxing Day and showed a photograph posted on Twitter of the teenager, said to be called Jonathan Edwards, sitting between two jihadi fighters in front of an Isis flag and clasping a rifle. The story also appeared in the newspaper on Saturday.

Twitter user Abu Dawud – who posted the picture with the caption, “Meet Jonathan Edwards – applied for Ucas to [sic] late and wasn’t accepted in any university, so he joined the Islamic state” – gleefully claimed on Saturday that the article was a hoax, adding that he had successfully “trolled” British media.

The picture was first posted at the beginning of December by ResistanceER, who wrote: “Creepy Isis. Soldier in their rank of ‘Brave and well Trained’ soldiers.” It was then tweeted again by Abu Dawud, a blogger who claims to be based in Yemen.

“My trolling made Daily Mail,” he said in one tweet. “I lied Wallah.” He added: “I humiliated the British media all by myself. I am a lone wolf.”

His revelation also brought derision on the newspaper from an anti-terrorism expert. Shiraz Maher, a senior fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at King’s College in London, tweeted on Saturday that it had repeatedly warned that the story was fake.......

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