Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Germans show their distaste for Islam and their anger with Merkel for sanctions on Russia

Well done Germany!  
Without mass protests the corrupt powers-that-be will pretend not to hear you.
Denmark is also having rallies to get their govt. to stop importing Muslims. Non-Muslim countries around the world  are fast realizing that only about 10% of the imported Muslims are peaceful and the rest have a craving for violence and discord deeply embedded within their DNA. 

The one point that should give rise to concern is the part I have highlighted in the second article below.

Oliver Lane writing at Breitbart:
Thousands of citizens have taken to the streets of Germany and Denmark over the past couple of days to protest the 'Islamisation' of Europe, to oppose Sharia law, and to call for peace with Christian Russia, as the attendance of weekly street rallies snowballs over immigration concerns. 

The industrial city of Dresden in former Eastern Germany has seen a protest organised by “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of Europe” (PEGIDA) every Monday for nearly two months, with numbers marching growing from just a 'few hundred' in October to over 10,000 today. The German movement has been so successful it has spawned a number of similar marches in other cities, but they have been the focus of criticism and counter-demonstrations. 

Yesterday's march in Dresden of 10,000 attracted 9,000 determined to prevent it from going ahead, as they have done in previous weeks. The counter-protesters complain PEGIDA has been infiltrated with Neo-Nazis, however the tone of the protests and slogans they march under have a distinctly anti-fascist tone, and at times appear to have been inspired by the protests against the former Communist Eastern Germany, reports the Daily Telegraph. .....

From DWnews:
Anti-Islamist protests with right-wing ties expand in Germany
A recent anti-Islamist demonstration in Dresden that made a point of avoiding right-wing symbols drew thousands. Now, the PEGIDA movement is spreading to other cities - and drawing neo-Nazis into the fold.

Posters with slogans like "Foreigners out!" are absent at the weekly demonstrations by the group "Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West." Instead, the group known in Germany by its acronym PEGIDA is trying to paint a more friendly picture by drawing on the German flag, slogans like "We are the people" and Monday marches intended to recall the Monday demonstrations that preceded the fall of the East German government 25 years ago.
PEGIDA's professionally designed banners are vague: "For the preservation of our culture" - "Against religious fanaticism" - "Against religious wars on German soil." The organizers distance themselves from right-wing extremism, speak of "Judeo-Christian Western culture" and differentiate between Islam and Islamism, between "war refugees" and "economic refugees," the latter a reference to perceived "benefits shopping" by Eastern European immigrants.........

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