Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Diane Feinstein's speech on the CIA torture report

Revenge is sweet!  This is Obama team's very effective way of getting back at their opponents, the Republicans. 

Hollywood has placed the CIA and associated spies and killers on a pedestal by the constant shows about their bravery and shit.  If not the CIA shows on the idiot box, then it's shows about either boobs or butts. Just brainwashing stuff all around for American consumption.

Listen closely to the part where she tells about how people involved in the torture started their own company (Torture Inc? LOL) and the suspects were handed over to that company to do with whatever they liked .... all to the tune of millions of $$$$$$$$s.
I so want to know more about these ghouls. Bet Cheney was involved in the setup. What are the chances that others too from that administration, like Condi Rice, are also involved? Good, eh?

It's all about money, folks ... all about money.  War makes money for those in the know and makes simple folks like us bury our loved ones and if we are "lucky" those love ones are buried in one piece and not scattered all over the Middle East landscape.

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