Sunday, December 28, 2014

America spends Billions of Dollars fighting wars on behalf of other nations ....

but cannot spare even a small percentage of that money on her own homeless and poverty-ridden Americans. Close to 600,000 homeless in the great Empire? Disgusting to say the least!! Have American politicians and the ruling elite made up of the stinking rich, lost every last molecule of humanity they might have ever had within their souls?

Mary Wisniewski writing at Reuters:
As more cities ban homeless camps, advocates fry foul.
For Teresa Sigerson, a former waitress who has lived under a Chicago expressway bridge for three years, the camp she shares with eight others provides shelter, companionship and some measure of security.

"There's safety in numbers," said Sigerson, 51, who begs during the day and sleeps between concrete bridge pillars under a highway northwest of downtown. "Everything's convenient here - you're by the stores, the highway."

This year, Sigerson almost lost her space when construction began on tall concrete barriers on the raised slabs where the homeless were make their beds. The project, which was halted this summer, was meant to dislodge the decade-old camp in Chicago's Avondale neighborhood.

Across the United States, local governments are moving to prevent outdoor camping by the homeless, according to advocates for the nation's nearly 600,000 homeless, estimated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Government officials say they are trying to limit outdoor camping for the health and safety of the homeless and other residents. But homeless advocates say the bans are not a solution to homelessness and further stigmatize the poor.........

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