Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Israel the traitorous nation continues to help jihadis who kill Christians ....

by not only healing the wounded jihadis back to health so they can go forth and continue to kill more Christians, Shiites and secular Sunnis in Syria .... but Israel is also supplying them with state of the art weaponry.  

How all those Israeli apologists still keep hasbara-ing that Israel is not supporting the jihadis never fails to amaze me. The governments of both the USA and Israel and  the governments of Sunni sheikhdoms are wallowing in bed with each other. Even when Israel drops missiles on the Syrian govt's weapons' warehouses pretending that they are destroying weapons going to Hezbollah, the pro-Israel Anglosphere MSM pushes those treacherous acts under the carpet. Disgusting!!! 

Helpless people looking on at the madness happening in the Middle East can take solace in the hopeful feeling that "bad deeds never go unpunished" and wish for the punishment to come sooner than later.

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