Saturday, December 6, 2014

"Lunatics" is another word for those Canadians joining Kurds to fight jihadis

Nothing good will come of this. This is not like how it was in the days of the wars in Spain. IMO, those who are shilling for the Canadians or Americans going abroad to "fight for a good cause" should also know that they will have to share the blame when they see the heads sans rest of body of those going there to "fight for a good cause" ... because that's what will happen when captured by the army of Frankensteins.  

If I was a parent, a spouse or a sibling of someone who left for the Middle East egged on by a "support group" in North America, I would not wait for the loved one to be killed to file a suit against the "support group" ... I would do it right away. Moreover, I would also go after the donors of the "support group."   

From BusinessInsider:
A newly formed support group for Canadian veterans who want to join Kurdish militias and fight Islamic State (ISIS) militants says it wants to make sure North Americans are well-informed about what to expect before they go to Syria.

The support group, called the 1st North American Expeditionary Force (1st NAEF), was formed last month in the wake of reports that at least one Canadian citizen had joined the Kurdish militia in Syria and Iraq.

The group says its mission is to help Canadians who wish to volunteer by providing advice and practical support.

In a post on its Facebook page on December 3, the group said it was aware of "significant criticisms [of Western veterans traveling to Syria and Iraq to fight with the Kurds] presented by both government and highly respected security experts relating to persons seeking to volunteer to fight [Islamic State] in the Middle East."

Among the dangers faced by Westerners joining Kurdish militia forces are the lack of rapid-response medical care for the wounded and the risk of being targeted by "nefarious entities," the group admitted.

However, the 1st NAEF said that it planned to continue its work to help protect Canadian and American nationals who were heading off to Syria to join the Kurds.

"The 1st NAEF stands to not only protect the innocent peoples suffering under the hands of [Islamic State], but also to protect our fellow country men and women as best we can. We cannot stop people from leaving; what we can do is make sure they are informed and prepared to the best of our abilities," the group wrote.

The assistance that the 1st NAEF says it offers potential volunteers includes "verified contacts" with Kurdish Peshmerga units that accept foreign volunteers, travel advice and help with what to pack, and a support network. The 1st NAEF says that it is not a private military firm or recruitment organization and that it wants to offer additional services, like discounts on airfares and materiel, in the future........

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