Tuesday, December 23, 2014

France deploys troops in its streets

After the many recent Muslim attacks,  the government has decided to up the security measures across the country.  According to the many French dhimmis, the latest attack had nothing to do with islam but everything to do with the man's mental illness.  What can you expect when islamists are banging their heads on the terra firma umpteen times a day? The casing for our brain is not meant to be dashed against the ground  like the Muslims do during their constant prayer sessions. If the medical profession was truthful and stopped being politically correct,  it would have brought out a study showing how the constant striking of one's forehead against  a solid surface can in time damage the brain and the mental problems the Muslim males suffer from are mainly due to that and more so when coupled with their koran.  No segment of our non-drug taking population has more mental problems than the Muslim male so why is that fact not made well-known to all, especially to the Muslims?

From RT:
France is boosting  security during the Christmas holidays employing up to 300 soldiers across the country, Prime Minister Manuel Valls says. The move follows three successive and violent attacks in separate cities.

"The number of patrols will be increased during this [Christmas] period. Two hundred to three hundred soldiers will be deployed in the coming hours," PM Manuel Valls said live on TV after an emergency meeting with ministers on the recent violence.

The attacks started on Saturday when a man armed with a knife shouting "Allahu Akbar” stabbed three officers at a police station in Joue-les-Tours near Tours in central France. He was killed by police officers, according to the country's Interior Ministry. Police confirmed that he was born in Burundi, Africa, in 1994, but was a French citizen.

French prosecutors said the Dijon attacker had no terrorist motives. He has a long history of severe mental illness, receiving psychiatric care over 150 times in the past 13 years. The authorities found no link between his actions and the attack on Saturday in Joue-les-Tours......

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