Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Was North Korea's internet outage pre-planned and the Sony hack was a false flag to bring it about?

Yup .... I very much think so.  Why else would the prez of the greatest country on Earth poke his nose in something not only small potatoes but was clearly a Hollywood/Sony issue?  

I wonder what sort of a bug was planted in the North Korean tech airwaves during the outage by the bully nation.

Has anyone noticed how America does not give a damn any more who knows how rogue it has gone?  This internet attack on North Korea is now going to be used as a precedent for similar attacks here, there, everywhere.  Wait and see.   And who started it all?  It definitely wasn't North Korea... not by a long, long, long shot.

This incident will get China, India, Russia and others building their own web service and divorcing themselves from America, the numero uno bully ... just like Brazil has started doing.

Is Obama trying to wean nations off America?  Is that the goal? If so ... it's working beautifully. 

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