Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Shills for Israel never stop talking about Muslim taqqiyah but what about Jewish hasbara?

The meaning of  "taqqiyah" is not lying but explanation, say the Muslims and the meaning of "hasbara"  is also explanation say the Jews ....but both these words mean one thing and one thing only to the rest of us: LIES and HYPOCRISY.

In the first vid below, check out the hasbara master from Israel spouting well-learnt hasbara in spite of documented and fully photographed evidence of Israel's war crimes.
The second vid is from mid July.

The shills for Israel will often say things like:
"Anti-semites are screaming when Israel is involved but not when Assad or Hamas are doing same"
Idiots don't understand that those who criticize Israel are holding the country to a higher standard than they hold Assad or Hamas.  We have become immune to atrocities from Muslims but we don't expect Israelis to copy Muslims' depravity.  Get that inside your thick skulls, morons. Your hero Netanyahu the warlord is putting the Jewish people, not only in Israel but more so outside Israel, in danger and you are not smart enough to see that?

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