Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Children always suffer the brunt of mayhem from warmongers and jihadis

Drones from the almighty nation of the USA have been killing children, not intentionally, but it still happens. Children have been killed  by Obama's drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen .... that we know of.  Where else?   Children have been killed in their hundreds, maybe even thousands, killed by USA-made weapons supplied by USA warmongers to Israeli killers.  

It's no surprise then that when children are killed either by Western warmongers or by jihadis in Muslim nations, there's not much of a hue and cry.  Whereas, the tale of the Australian terrorism event and the aftermath will be kept alive for weeks to come.

Very few people on our planet missed the hostage situation in Sydney where the actions of one lone jihadi slime caused the death of two Australians?  
At end of day today, why don't you put the question "How many children were butchered by the Taliban today in Pakistan?"  to  about a dozen people of your acquaintance and see how they will either dismiss you with "oh ... they do it every day"  or  "who cares, they are Muslim anyway"  or the rare "I didn't hear that,  how terrible"   .... what a sad world we have come to when 100s of innocent kids' lives whether they be in Muslim countries like Pakistan or Palestine mean nothing to us but the death of two Australian adults and the stories stemming from that  incident have been covered page to page by each and every newspaper in the world.

Do you think even the few news outlets covering the Pakistani children massacre will cover it tomorrow too?  Will we get to see interviews with their friends and get to know how cute and cuddly they were, how well they drew animals and stars, how beautifully they danced and sang, how promising their futures were, how much loved they were??????????????
NO we won't.

This is our world of not only hate and bitterness because of religion but also of judging the worth of a human being depending on geography and, as much as we would like to deny it, also on color.

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