Sunday, December 7, 2014

Saudi Arabia spreads the deadly virus of wahhabism, then pretends to contain it!

After 9/11, this is the country that should have been invaded and destroyed .... not the blameless Iraq.  The state of the world today is because the USA started an illegal war against a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 while staying a firm buddy with a country that was solely responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans on that fateful day.  The mess of how both the US political parties handled the aftermath of 9/11 is still ongoing. 

What are the chances that Saudi Arabia, under the guise of arresting "terror suspects" is actually arresting activists who are planning to bring down the dictatorship? 

Ahmed Al Omran writing at WallStreetJournal:
Saudi Arabia Arrests 135 Terror Suspects  
Arrests Come Weeks After Deadly Attack Connected to Islamic State

Saudi Arabia said on Sunday that it has arrested 135 suspects who were allegedly plotting to carry out terrorist attacks inside the kingdom.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Interior said 40 of the suspects had joined terrorist organizations abroad, where they received training to use weapons “then return home to take actions that destabilize security.”

The majority of the arrested suspects are Saudi nationals; other nationalities include 16 Syrians and 3 Yemenis, the spokesman said. The rest come from Egypt, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Bahrain, Iraq, and person is stateless.

The announcement comes as the country steps up security measures to protect itself from attacks by Islamic State. The militant group has declared its intent to attack Saudi Arabia, which participated in U.S.-led airstrikes targeting the militant group in recent weeks...........

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