Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sarah Palin will be victorious, inspite of the Left's "tricks of the trade"

I am inspired to post this article on Palin, because of what I saw at CanadianCynic's blog vilifying Palin yet again and making a mention of yours truly in his usual nasty way. Go read what that vile blogger has to say, but if you would rather not, and kudos to you for making that excellent decision, I will pollute my own blog for this one time, hopefully, and quote here from Canadian Cynic.

Emphasis mine.
quote A quitbull and a dipstick. No, wait ... that doesn't sound right. The descent into screeching lunacy continues Palin won't show at fundraiser, denies accepting invitation TONIGHT: Spokeswoman says ex-governor was never asked. Organizers of an Anchorage event that has been billing Sarah Palin for weeks as a star speaker were left scrambling Wednesday after learning that the former governor won't be there for tonight's event and claims to have never been asked. The bestest part: It would be at least the fourth time in recent months that an anticipated Palin speech has fallen through after Palin and her camp disputed they had ever confirmed it. And despite the fact that Palin can't handle a simple calendar program, Blogging Tories "Hunter" and "Dodo" think she's qualified to run the most powerful country in the free world. The level of stupid contained there is just awesome, isn't it? unquote

First of all, ADN, the link that the blogger has given is a lefty media medium which has been tearing into Palin from the day the world learned she was going to be McCain's running mate. If you visit the link and take a peek into the comments and the language used therein you can tell outright that lefties are out in force to push Palin down into the gore and dirt that is their usual playground. ADN has been publishing so many items against Palin that one of these days I expect them to print something along these lines "Breaking News: Caught in Action, Palin wore the same panties for a straight 24 hours" that's how petty minded they are when it comes to Palin. Maybe Palin will give an explanation as to what really happened. Was she really scheduled to be at this event, or is it more than possible that Palin's people informed the event organizers that she would not be available for that date, but the event planners just went ahead with their advertising of Palin being the main speaker?  Every one knows by now that Palin's name will sell anything, just like it did with the One's name Once Upon a Time.

Okay done with that.. Now about this: John Ziegler who in 2008 wrote, directed, and produced the documentary "Blocking the Path to 9/11 and created as a precursor to his next film, "Media Malpractice... How Obama Got Elected.” A teaser video for that documentary has already been viewed by at least 1.8 million people on YouTube has written this article on Palin:Sarah Palin:One Year Later which is worth reading for all Palin fans. Others keep out
So, what have we learned from Sarah Palin’s remarkable year? Hopefully, we have learned a lot. Among other things, we should have learned… That surprise announcements can often create more long-term perception problems than they are worth (at least when they come from Republicans). That to the media if you are a young, good looking, charismatic, non-white male without a long resume and are a conservative running for Vice-President, you are an embarrassment to the country. But if you are a young, good-looking, charismatic, non-white male without a long resume and are a socialist running for President, you are the Second Coming. That the candidate who told the truth the most during the 2008 campaign was Sarah Palin. That the media is perfectly willing and able to destroy someone’s character simply because it suits their political and economic agenda and will stop at nothing to do so.


  1. Sarah Palin is a "non-white male"?

    Thanks, John Z, for breaking this important news and to you, Maria, for spreading it!

  2. Yes teacher Andrey II - you found an error. Whoopee doodle doo, bring out the trumpeters and the drummers too.
    You know that it should have read "female" and not "male". But so good of you for stopping by and letting us know. Thank you kindly.

  3. Further clarification for Andrey II:

    "That to the media if you are a young, good looking, charismatic, "white female" without a long resume and are a conservative running for Vice-President, you are an embarrassment to the country. But if you are a young, good-looking, charismatic, non-white male without a long resume and are a socialist running for President, you are the Second Coming."

    Instead of "non-white male". John Z got enough flak in the comments at his website for the error.

  4. I read those sentences several times to make sense of them. In Ziegler's defense I think he intended to mean that Palin and Obama were both candidates who were not white males. The shortened "non-white males" lead to confusion.

  5. I understand what J.Z. probably wanted to say, I just find what he did say amusing, especially given that if it were the EMM-ESS-EMM that had made the mistake, John and his Breitbart confederates would be screaming about "media bias" and the persecution of the Palin.

    It was pretty clear at the time what John Kerry meant with his "stuck in Iraq" comment, but that didn't stop John Z from making a name for himself out of deliberately misconstruing it as something else. If Zeigler's now getting a little bit of flack for his error, well... maybe Karma does have a sense of humour.

  6. True, but at least he did'nt say America has 57 states like the big O, and that "jobs" is a 3-letter word like the big O's sidekick. John Z is small fry with a small fry's errors which can be easily overlooked when compared to the two most powerful guys in the world.

  7. You have got to be kidding. John Z. has made a career for himself distorting and misrepresenting what other people say. The comedic value of his pitching of stones from his very large glass house isn't remotely comparable to the two gaffes you reference above, and I'm surprised that you'd even attempt it.

  8. Audrey II - you have given me a lovely idea for a posting. I am going to make a post listing some of the gaffes of the "two most powerful guys in the world". I am willing to bet there are many.

  9. Maria, you might want to become familiar with Spellcheck before you launch such an ambitious project. "inspite"?

  10. And if either Obama or Biden had made careers out of misrepresenting the gaffes of others, you might have a point.

    The issue isn't JZ's mistake, it's his mistake in light of how he's treated the mistakes or ambiguous comments of others.

    Good luck with your list, though.

  11. deBeauxOs - it's pretty easy when you go about penning one liners in the comments section and that too I bet you trolls check dictionaries before posting the one liners.
    Just in case you have not noticed, I have a blog here, where I write hundreds of lines.
    How many lines or number of words have you written? How many of you trolls have blogs of your own where you are able to spell accurately, given all the education that Canada has been able to provide you, and provide to a lot of you free-loaders?
    I have migrated to Canada only 14 years ago from a country that has English as a second language and my parents have paid through their noses for my education. No free-loaders in my family.
    Thank you vey much trolls for insulting immigrants to Canada. What else can one expect from lefties but a show of their misplaced superiority to others.
    Also, I know that I can put my point across very very well. The dancing on hot coals at ccynic's blog and at mine tells me that my writing gets under leftie skins "IN SPITE" of "INSPITE".
    Do you have a blog deBeauxOs ? Let me have a link so I can critique your postings.
    I have sent a link of this post to all my immigrant friends and asked them to read what the Left parties of Canada are really thinking about new immigrants but show a different face when campaigning for their votes.
    Keep the insults coming here and also at ccynic's cesspool.

  12. Maria, to see our blog click on my screen name.

    Scroll down - the name of our blog is DAMMIT JANET! We have over 600 blog posts.

    My parents did not pay for my education; I worked to pay for it so please be careful who you're calling a free-loader.

  13. deBeauxOs - I don't give two hoots if you paid for your education yourself. When you hang out with free-loaders and scum, then that's how I look at you. Take it or leave it.
    And you have no right to call me a liar like you have done on the corroding corpse's blog. SO, YOU, please be careful who YOU, call a liar.


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