Friday, November 14, 2014

The sins of the Harper government

Even true blue Conservatives who have voted for the party throughout their lives are now coming out and openly showing their displeasure with Stephen Harper's government.  When veterans who are known to vote Conservative, say "Anybody but Conservative" .... you know the party is in deep, deep trouble.  Trouble of their own making.

As far as I am concerned,  there are far too many sins that the Conservative party can never be forgiven for:

Harper openly siding with warlord criminal Netanyahu in the mass murder of Palestinians in Gaza;

Harper government's involvement in the Ukraine's murderous coup and its full ongoing commitment to the Mafia-like regime that took over that country and started bombarding civilian areas of the separatist east Ukraine;  (at one point it got so disgusting with prominent members of Harper's government showing their support by changing their Twitter pics to Ukraine's symbol which looks like the devil's trident.)

Harper government's disregard for veterans after Canada has sent them to wars from which most come back without limbs and a big part of their sanity and health damaged forever;

Harper government's continuous import of immigrants and refugees from Muslim conflict areas;

Harper government's loud and malicious instigation for sanctions against Russia which sanctions are now crippling the economy of a large part of the world ....  the list can go on and on and on and on.

Janice Dickson writing at iPolitics:
Angry veterans launch ‘Anybody But Conservative’ campaign to defeat Tories in upcoming election
“We need a government that will look after us veterans,” said Ron Clarke, a 36-year-veteran, in an emotional plea.

For Clarke and veterans advocate Mike Blais, the federal election can’t come soon enough.

Clarke, an advocate from Cape Breton, launched his Anybody But Conservative campaign Wednesday in hopes of a government that will treat its veterans better.
In a Parliament Hill news conference, Clarke also made a plea to serving members of the military to join the protest.

Clarke and Blais are urging the government—or possibly future government—to re-open the nine veterans offices that the Conservative government closed across Canada, and to grant veterans a pension, rather than a minimal lump sum of $350,000.
This campaign could hit Conservatives where it hurts the most.
Seniors have historically voted Conservative — poll Conservative and in fact show up to vote.

So when a prominent, and elderly, Nova Scotia veteran announces he will be encouraging all veterans and Canadian citizens to vote, “anything but Conservative”— it draws attention.
“Into the thousands,” Clarke said, unable to pinpoint an exact number of supporters.

But if his message resonates among his age group—the number could stretch into the millions.
In 2011, five million Canadians were over 65 and that number is predicted to grow, according to Statistics Canada.......

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