Tuesday, November 11, 2014


O man! This made my day!  

From Inquisitr:
A Swiss butcher is in hot water after he reportedly deceived Muslim customers for more than three years. According to Mad World News, the butcher is accused of false advertisement for telling customers the meat he sold was calf meat when it was actually pork. The purchase and consummation of pork is against Muslim religion so, of course, many customers were appalled and outraged to learn of the butcher’s deceit.

The scandal was discovered during a routine control of food security when an inspector reportedly questioned the label for the meat. The product displayed for purchase didn’t look like calf meat as the tag stated, reports Morocco World News. The falsely advertised meat led to further investigation, which revealed a number of shocking details. Over the past three years, he’s reportedly sold an estimated 3.1 tons of pork to Muslim customers alone.

The prosecutor released a brief statement in reference to the case. He simply stated that the customers would not have purchased the meat had they known what type it was.

“If customers had known it was pork, they would not have bought it because Islam forbids the consumption of this type of meat.”

However, that’s not all. The butcher’s deception is actually considered “double-fold.” Not only did he lie to customers, he’s reportedly made a staggering amount in sales for the falsely advertised meat. Since pork costs much less than calf meat, the butcher was able to raise the price of the meat in order to make sizable profit.

The butcher’s scandal has even sparked controversy on social media platforms. Although some expressed disdain for the butcher’s deceit, several readers argued customers should know how to identify different types of meat. Others argued in support of the Muslim customers, citing that the meat was sold in a Halal store so most customers automatically assumed they were purchasing authentic calf meat.....

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