Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dual-nationality holder Ghoncheh Ghavami gets one year prison term in Iran

According to her lawyer, she might see freedom before that depending on the good graces of the cavemen country of Iran. Iranians and Pakistanis are able to build nuclear plants but have shit for brains and don't give a damn that the world can see their ignorance for what it is.  If Ghavami had given up on the cavemen country she migrated from and embraced her new country by tearing up her Iranian passport and travelled only on her British passport as a full British citizen, I am sure the British foreign office might have been able to negotiate her
release a lot sooner.  I can imagine what the Iranian shits must have said when the British tried to get her out of that hellhole ... they must have gloated that as she is still a 50% Iranian citizen, they have every right to imprison her but being the good shits that they are they will give her a lesser sentence as a courtesy to their "friends" the British.

I have no respect for dual citizenship holders and neither do I have any sympathy when such people get into trouble in their old countries.

From MirrorUK:
A British woman    arrested in Iran after trying to watch a men's volleyball match has been sentenced to a year in prison, according to reports.

Ghoncheh Ghavami, 25, who is also Iranian, was arrested on June 20 outside Tehran's Azadi Stadium.

She and others were demanding that women be allowed in to watch a volleyball match between Iran and Italy, local media claims.
She was charged by a court in Tehran with activities and propaganda against the Islamic Republic.
The semi-official ILNA news agency quoted her lawyer, Alireza Tabatabaie, on Saturday as saying her sentence may be cut due to previous good behaviour.

Ghavami was released soon after her arrest in June but was re-arrested days later when she was called back to reclaim personal belongings that authorities had confiscated. In October, she went on a two-week hunger strike.......

......Ghavami's detention came shortly before the arrest in July of another dual-nationality citizen, Jason Rezaian, an Iranian-American reporter for the Washington Post, who is being held without charge........

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