Tuesday, November 4, 2014

USA and allies are nothing but masochists

They take pleasure in getting Muslims beat them again and again.  Watching what the Western countries are doing to themselves is like watching an already half dead boxer go into a ring against a sadistic and malicious opponent who loves nothing  better than spilling blood all over the ring and on the spectators.  
Ugh and double ugh!  Why can't the masochistic countries of the West learn bare facts about the cavemen nature of the allah akbars and leave them be to kill each other?  WHY???????????????

Jason Ditz writing at Antiwar:
Pentagon Downplays Mounting Losses in Iraq, Syria.

Major losses on both the Iraqi and Syrian sides of the ISIS conflict emerged over the weekend, with ISIS routing a pro-Iraqi govt Sunni tribe and massacring hundreds of them, while Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s wing in Syria, forced a key US-allied moderate rebel faction to surrender.
The Pentagon is trying to downplay the problems, despite these both being clearly huge defeats for their strategy in the ever-escalating war, and is mostly falling back on semantic arguments to deflect concerns.

“If they join the Nusra Front, the Nusra Front is not a moderate organization. So therefore they are not moderate either,” insisted Pentagon spokesman Steve Warren of the defeated Syrian Revolutionary Front (SRF).

Yet the SRF didn’t willingly join Nusra. Rather they were completely clobbered by them and unconditionally surrendered, turning over all their US-made weapons and armor to Nusra.

The Pentagon may want to split hairs here, but the SRF was awash in US weaponry and was repeatedly touted by the administration as one of those “vetted, moderate” factions. The problem was that, like so many of the “vetted, moderate” factions, they couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag, and were long reliant on Nusra to do the fighting for them. When the US war split them irrevocably from Nusra, it just meant they were going to get taken over, and the real loss is the US weapons......

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