Sunday, November 9, 2014

Documentary: 10 days in North Korea

I think this documentary is the work of a Spanish group associated with RT.

The millions of displaced people of the Middle East can only dream of living in such a non-conflict area like North Korea. In spite of all the adverse news about the country we are bombarded with ceaselessly, the people are much better off than we are lead to believe.  Yes, it's true the North Koreans don't have the kind of freedom enjoyed in many parts of the world,  but at the same time, the North Korean families remain intact and even if many of them live in poverty and intense propaganda against the outside world, the families live through it together ... they don't have to see their loved ones blown up into little bloodied messy pieces of meat like in the Middle East, the Ukraine, Nigeria and several dozen other countries around the so-called "free" world.

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