Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Russia flexes more muscle with new missile testing

I am guessing that the blatant show of Russian-made war machines which we are seeing of late is to tell the Western powers not to interfere any further on the bear's territory, namely Ukraine.  Any further incursion or additional arming of Ukraine's mad Nazi forces to continue their bombing of the Novorussia areas, especially the civilian areas, will be severely dealt with. 

Also, was there really a submarine in  Sweden's waters and was it a Russian sub that managed to slip out unaccosted by the full force employed to find it?  IMO, there was probably something there "testing" the detection powers of Sweden's military or the Swedes used an imaginary sighting to bolster their war chest..... just like the USA, Canada and UK are now doing by strategic reporting of sighting Russian jets invading their airspace.  Even if Russia denies their planes were nowhere near disputed airspaces, most of us have  been brainwashed nicely enough to discard anything Russia says as lies and nothing but lies.

From TvzvezdaNews .... Google translation
Missile submarine "Tula"   successfully launched "blueness"
Ballistic missile submarine of the Northern Fleet "Tula" successfully completed on November 5 combat training launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile, "The blue".

During the launch of the shooting was done from a submerged position. At the appointed time arrived ICBM warheads on Kamchatka Kura test site.

As the official representative of the Ministry of Defense, "launched an intercontinental ballistic missile," The blue "from the Barents Sea on the Kura test site was carried out in the framework of checking the reliability of the naval component of the strategic nuclear forces of Russia."

IDB "The blue" - a Russian three-stage liquid rocket used on submarines of the third generation. The missile can carry four to eight warheads with a total mass of over two and a half tons.

Ballistic missile submarine "Tula" was built in 1987 and has recently undergone upgrades on defense enterprise "Zvezdochka". The modernization improved stealth characteristics of the ship, improved its electronic weapons systems survivability and nuclear safety......

Телеканал "Звезда"

Ракетный подводный крейсер «Тула» успешно запустил «Синеву»

5 ноября 2014, 11:38
Ракетный подводный крейсер стратегического назначения (РПКСН) Северного флота «Тула» в среду успешно выполнил учебно-боевой запуск межконтинентальной баллистической ракеты «Синева».... Подробнее »

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