Saturday, November 22, 2014

Liberia, Sierra Leone and Chad held back from attaining their economic freedom?

Watch the vid below from the 17 min mark and  see if it makes you wonder about the Ebola "opportunity" that has made the USA and UK send military personnel to a part of Africa the USA has long wanted to have military bases set up in,  more so because of the immense wealth under its soil and the excellent sea access for naval ports.

Long before the end of next year you are likely to hear that the USA and UK have set up military bases in at least 2 of the 4+ countries where supposedly "Ebola is raging" or "being controlled"  or "likely eradicated" according to our MSM and the WHO.

Over and above setting up the military bases, you can trust the USA and her allies to have signed tonnes of blackmail agreements with the elite in those countries promising to make them into billionaires for rights to the mineral wealth of their countries, which wealth belongs to all the people ....  but doncha know, only the few the Americans smile on will became billionaires and those people will likely be the biggies in the government bodies ... the rest will remain poor, uneducated and disease-ridden. 

I bet USA and the other Anglo nations were terrified that China's influence would overwhelm that part of Africa too and those countries would become immune to USA's bribes...... so, voila, Ebola the nasty virus was born.  

One has to also wonder how come only American medics operating in those countries are coming down with Ebola and not the Chinese nor the Cubans who have large teams in West Africa combating the virus.  Are their preventive measures better than the USA's or is everything blown up by the MSM in North America?

Long live false flags while shortening the lives of the innocent and the poor.

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