Friday, November 7, 2014

French farmers have a novel way of showing their anger with the govt

Look what sanctions on Russia has done to the EU's economy for starters.  It's not just France, the malaise is all over the EU and with companies in the USA and Canada who had holdings in Russia or contracts with Russian companies. And, all this for what? No country in their right mind would want anything to do with the Ukraine which is full of Nazis or Nazi-minded hooligans who are controlled by the filthy rich Mafia-like oligarchs. You think Russia wants a bigger piece of Ukraine other than Crimea?  I don't think Putin will be that naive to take on that additional burden. Help the ethnic Russian settler areas he might, more than that, I very much doubt it unless his hand is forced. Financing the rest of the basket case which is the Ukraine of today, is going to go to the EU and to the USA and Canada. Taxpayers always get the blunt end of our politicians numerous foreign policy blunders.

The vids below are supposedly what took place in Paris and Toulouse.

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