Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The stuff of espionage novels

Very intriguing article.  Full of espionage and sabotage brought to us via the demonic courtesy of the CIA and FBI. 
Remember, nothing is leaked without an unholy intention. What that intention happens to be is not for us puny folks to figure out.  Those in the know, know what it is.  Especially, when stuff like this comes from the NYTimes, we should be wary of the implications and read between the lines.

James Risen and Matt Apuzzo writing at NYTimes:
Getting Close to Terror, but Not to Stop It  
Port Authority Officer Kept Sources With Ties to Iran Attacks

After a car bombing in southeastern Iran killed 11 Revolutionary Guard members in 2007, a C.I.A. officer noticed something surprising in the agency’s files: an intelligence report, filed ahead of the bombing, that had warned that something big was about to happen in Iran.

Though the report had provided few specifics, the C.I.A. officer realized it meant that the United States had known in advance that a Sunni terrorist group called Jundallah was planning an operation inside Shiite-dominated Iran, two former American officials familiar with the matter recalled. Just as surprising was the source of the report. It had originated in Newark, with a detective for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

The Port Authority police are responsible for patrolling bridges and tunnels and issuing airport parking tickets. But the detective, a hard-charging and occasionally brusque former ironworker named Thomas McHale, was also a member of an F.B.I. counterterrorism task force. He had traveled to Afghanistan and Pakistan and developed informants inside Jundallah’s leadership, who then came under the joint supervision of the F.B.I. and C.I.A.

Reading the report, the C.I.A. officer became increasingly concerned. Agency lawyers he consulted concluded that using Islamic militants to gather intelligence — and obtaining information about attacks ahead of time — could suggest tacit American support for terrorism. Without specific approval from the president, the lawyers said, that could represent an unauthorized covert action program. The C.I.A. ended its  .....

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