Monday, November 3, 2014

Ken Livingstone on warmongering politicians: "...they get their rewards for serving American interests"

I wonder if Stephen Harper will also become a millionaire many times over after he is no longer the PM of Canada just like Tony Blair who is now worth above $100 M according to some reports.

These politicians don't give a damn that your sons and daughters, your husbands and wives, your brothers and sisters and others near and dear to you are sent to wars which might kill them in the most horrific way possible, and that too, so far, far away from home. Wars make the corrupt politicians clamoring to side with America and America's wars, rich beyond their dreams.  Wars make money for the super rich .... we are the easily fooled sheeple who think wars need to be fought because our conniving politicians tell us it's all for that mighty "must have" democracy that the Muslims in the Middle East are crying out for.   If we are good of heart, we need to hear their cries and thus also help our manipulating politicians to line their pockets with even more wealth.

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