Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Left does stuff that the Right considers beneath itself ....

and thus sadly,  therein lies the Right's Archilles' heel.

The man who has made his millions getting people fucking each other and themselves is offering $1 Million to anyone who can hand over to him Romney's tax returns.

When fighting the Left, be like them, otherwise you might as well wave the white flag and call it a day.  "Oh I am a good person, I can't be like a scumbag, it's not in my nature" will not work because the scum has taken over the earth and when in Rome be like the Romans or get trampled underfoot.

Romney's gang HAS TO go after Obama's non-eligibility to the office of the President, otherwise, chances are very, very, good that Obama's minions will make him king again.

It is not going beneath one's dignity  to question the "birth certificate", the "foreign student", the "both parents not Americans"  issues.  No stone should be left  unturned.

The good does not inherit the world.  Look around you with eyes peeled to see who has.

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