Monday, September 17, 2012

France to ban anti-US protests

Just like the muzzies, the lefties too know how to taqqiyah when they want something from you. If you thought France's Hollande had capitulated to the muzzies in France, this should tell you that the muzzies and lefties are superb at taqqiyahing.  He got his victory largely due to the votes from the taqqiyah spouters, however, they didn't know they were dealing with one of the bigger and better liars.  The Left never worries about changing any rules, laws or regulations as and when it suits them.  I have to confess that many a time I tend to agree with the hard-left  .... this is one of those times.

The muzzie anti-US  marches in Canada, if any (so far, I know of one that took place in Calgary) should be considered as  God-given opportunities by CSIS, RCMP, Border Security and Jason Kenney's people.  This is a great way  to photograph these people and wean out the illegals amongst the marchers.  Just catch a few and see how fast and loud they will sing out the names of several others living in this country fraudently or illegally. Moreover, if there is any rioting or violence at these protest marches.... won't it be beautiful to arrest as many as possible and investigate them thoroughly and go through their initial immigration applications (even if they have been here for 20+ years) and deport them and their families if found guilty of fraud ???

 France has moved to ban   any further anti-US demonstrations sparked by the film that has caused deadly protests across the Muslim world and beyond.

As many as 150 people have been arrested in Paris after clashes broke out close to the US embassy, three police officers were hurt.

France is home to the largest Islamic community in Europe.

Manuel Valls is the French Interior Minister:
“I will not allow that fully veiled women, street prayers or hostile slogans against our allies to be heard on our streets, so I will be very firm. Also, these few people shouldn’t be confused with the vast majority of our fellow citizens they are caricaturing Islam as it is practised in our country.”........

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