Sunday, September 16, 2012

Saudi Arabia is responsible for all the world's ill, but Ari Fleischer thinks it is God's gift to mankind

One of  CNN's many, many morons, the lying Ari Fleischer, the former George "Islam is a religion of Peace" Bush's Press Secretary,  arrogantly tweeted  this:

The House of Saud and the Grand Mufti (who supposedly holds sway over the 1.5 Billion believers of rubbish) has "denounced attacks   on diplomats and embassies as un-Islamic"   Yeah ... right !!!  The bloody fucks in Saudi Arabia are the same fucks who have taught  the feral packs of dogs  rampaging all over the world  how to be a true muslim by killing infidels..... they have been preaching the same hatred to the present day feral dogs and to their parents, their grandparent and to all their ancestors.   These savages think we were all born yesterday and that a declaration from Saudi Arabia denouncing the attacks on Embassies will fool us infidels that they are against such attacks and that they respect the infidels and that the infidels in their country are protected.

If Saudi Arabia was not dependent on the USA and Israel for keeping their bloody butt safe from Iran,  these same bastards would have been shouting out the loudest to burn all infidel embassies, not just the USA ones.

Saudi Arabia is the #1 country from all the Muslim countries of the world that have been flooding Judeo-Christian universities with their ill-gotten oil money and turning fuckers like Ari Fleischer into their willing slaves.  People like Fleischer will do and say anything to make a few more pennies dipped in infidel blood. Ugh ... vomit-inducing !!!

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