Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bullies Incorporated

The police services are the most  natural source of employment for bullies in every country of the world.  However, these same bullies keep away from the raving muzzies who are by far the bigger bullies than themselves.  There's a hierarchy even in the bully kingdom.  The bullies in the police services are  all macho only when dealing with little old ladies and harmless white men.

....A Texas police department is defending an officer   who is seen on a dashcam video pulling a 77-year-old woman out of her car during a traffic stop.....

......"Let's hurry up, I've got to go to the bathroom," Beford can be heard telling Geheb when he approached her SUV. "I have a bladder infection." 
Geheb asked repeatedly for her driver's license and insurance. 
"I'll give it to you in a minute," Bedford said. 
"No you give it to me now or I'm going to take you to jail," the officer said, to which Bedford responded, "Well go ahead." 
Geheb then opened the door to Bedford's SUV and began pulling on her arm. 
"You want to play this way, come on," he said. 
He then asked repeatedly for her to get out of the vehicle, but Bedford refused. 
"You are hurting me," she said. "I'm going to report you hurting me. For hurting me and twisting my arm." 
Geheb pulled her arm again and Bedford fell to the ground. The officer then arrested her....

But of course, his brothers in arms, after an enquiry into the brutal incident, found that he did not  violate any laws set up especially for the benefit of  bullies worldwide.

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