Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hong Kong citizens succeed in stopping China brainwashing their kids

The city of seven million people are proud of their Chinese heritage but they hate any interference from the communist platform on the kind of education their children should be subjected to.  I have visited this vibrant and extremely progressive city twice and if  China could learn more about democracy from their newly acquired  Hong Kong citizens  they would be much better off ... instead of trying to do things the other way round.  

 The Hong Kong governmen      has backed down over plans to make schoolchildren take Chinese patriotism classes, after weeks of protests.

City leader Leung Chun-ying said the classes would be optional for schools.
"The schools are given the authority to decide when and how they would like to introduce the moral and national education," he said.

Critics said the plans were an attempt to brainwash the city's children by the Chinese government in Beijing.
The government had said the subject was important to foster a sense of national belonging and identity. Anti-Beijing sentiment has been on the rise in semi-autonomous Hong Kong, a city of seven million people.....

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