Friday, September 14, 2012

Pope Benedict XVI : "I come as a pilgrim of peace"

Hope he gets back to Rome in one piece.  What a time to go visit !!  Can you imagine what will happen if something happens to His Holiness?

 ....“I have come to Lebanon as a pilgrim of peace,”    the Pope said upon his arrival in Beirut. “As a friend of God and as a friend of men.

Earlier, speaking to reporters aboard his plane, the Pope called for an end to weapons imports to Syria and called them a sin. Syria’s rebels have appealed for weapons shipments to help them fight the regime.....

.....The pontiff was welcomed by top leaders including the Lebanese president, prime minister and parliament speaker as well as Christian and Muslim religious leaders. Cannons fired a 21-shots salute for the Pope.

Lebanese authorities are enacting stringent security measures, suspending weapons permits except for politicians’ bodyguards and confining the visit to central Lebanon and the northern Christian areas......

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