Thursday, September 13, 2012

Barack Hussein Obama is TOAST

The very countries the Muslim president of the USA tried to bring "democracy" to, are the very countries, countries of his beloved co-religionists who have now fucked whatever chances he had of winning a second term.   Who says there's no God????

News coming out right now is that  Ambassador Stevens was raped   will tell those who have the capability to watch, listen and analyze (given that they do have at least  pea-sized brain matter) that the reports about how he died and how the other three Consulate staff died were totally false and that the White House and the psychopatic liars Obama and Hillary lied to the American people and lied with a straight face.  When I was scanning through twitter on that night, I had seen tweets that said one of the staffers was captured and then burnt alive.  That could also be  true.  What a  horrorfic time that must have been for these innocent people in the hands of savages.

Also, the way Obama's supporters went after Romney for criticizing the President on the apologies from the USA's Cairo embassy, was an indication of how desparate the idiots had become. You could almost taste the bitter acrimony of defeat coming off the lefties.

The poor sweet things tried to distract everybody away from what they know in their heart of hearts is now a done deal.  Romney will win.   IF, even after all this, Obama still gets a second terms .... then sadly America has fallen and will never again be able to be the leader of the world ever again.  Four more years of lies and deceit will kill America for good.

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