Monday, September 3, 2012

Egypt's first veiled woman TV announcer drags Egyptian women back to cavemen era

She was "permitted" .... WOW ...the English language.  We can bend it to serve our purpose any which way and get dhimmis to do and say anything to hasten the Caliphate. Veils were banned on TV broadcasters during the era of Mubarak.  Welcome to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood=Salafi=Wahhabism=Saudi Arabia's new province.

In the case of this particular dhimmi female, she wanted it.  And, believe you me, I hate saying this about my own gender, but most women are downright stupid and should be kept in cages and left there to shrivel up and die.

....Many Egyptians rubbed their eyes in disbelief on Sunday  on seeing a veiled female presenter on official television for the first time since the broadcaster was launched in the early 1960s.

Fatima Nabeel, donning the Muslim hijab headdress, appeared on Egyptian TV as one of four veiled women presenters picked for the job on state television.

“At last the revolution has reached Maspero [Egyptian TV building],” wrote Fatima in a tweet. “This decision is not a grant, but a legal right,” she added.

Fatima joined Egyptian radio as a translator in 1999. Four years later, she moved to the news desk of state television. In July 2011, five months after a revolt deposed Hosni Mubarak, Fatima was audited in a contest for new TV presenter. Although she came first, she was not allowed to appear on the screen because of her wearing the hijab....

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