Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The elephant in the room everyone's ignoring ..... SAUDI ARABIA

The power of public relations firms can be witnessed so very clearly in that there's  hardly any adverse news coming from or about Saudi Arabia.  Have you heard even one little pip from anybody in the media pointing their finger at Saudi Arabia and the other Arab nations or blaming them for radicalizing the muslim  youth who are now mainly responsible for what's going on in those hellholes from September 11, 2012?   Reflect on that for a moment and chew on the fact that Saudi Arabia is the main culprit for flooding the coffers of any country or entity that's  receptive to sowing the seeds and  nurturing the plants of  Wahhabism and then patiently waiting for the fruits of the Caliphate to strangle those countries in it's deadly grip of  pure evil.  

The Judeo-Christian countries have been like sitting ducks, not only accepting money from the Arab nations, especially in their learning institutions, but by letting in muslim immigrants who are  potential headchoppers and suicide bombers and all-round trouble makers.  How blind can one be ??

Jess Hill writing at GlobalMail:
.... he turned back to our translator,  with a concerned look. "Imshee," he urged, Arabic for 'go away'.

Tripoli is Lebanon's second-largest city and home to its most conservative Sunni Muslims. A lot of money from Saudi Arabia has gone towards building schools and mosques in Bab al-Tabbaneh (and, some say, to providing arms, though direct links are virtually impossible to prove). Most of the fighters who regularly take up arms against their neighbouring Alawites also follow the Wahhabi strain of Salafist Islam that originates in the Kingdom......

.....When we left Bab al-Tabbaneh 45 minutes later, everything seemed calm. But around an hour later, at a cafĂ© popular with Tripoli's young progressives, a young man came in showing video of  the local Kentucky Fried Chicken and Hardee's, the American fast-food franchises, being destroyed. Everyone shook their heads. Idiots, one patron said, nonchalantly dismissing the mob.

By the time we got there the restaurants were still burning, but the instigators had mostly left. One person had been killed and 25 wounded in clashes with the security forces, but now there was no security in sight. Curious spectators were taking photos on their phones, and young men and boys continued to ransack the place as it burned, stealing chairs, napkin dispensers, and anything else that wasn't..........

.....Why did it take two months for the rest of the Arab world to find out about it? Because that's how long it took for the immensely popular firebrand sheikh Khaled Abdullah to find it and broadcast it on the Saudi-owned Salafist television channel Al Nas, which is broadcast to millions of viewers across the Arab world
This leads us to the elephant in the room. The country doing by far the most to promote extremist beliefs and ideas across the Middle East (and beyond) is one of America's closest allies. Over the past 30 years, Saudi Arabia has spent more than $70 billion exporting the Wahhabi doctrine around the world, through schools, publishing houses and satellite television channels. Had it not been for the Saudi-backed Sheikh Khaled Abdallah, it's highly likely that the film The Innocence of the Muslims would have remained an unwatched piece of trashy propaganda. But when Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti denounced attacks on diplomats and embassies as un-Islamic, he had nothing to say about the Saudi-backed sheikh and channel that provoked the attacks in the first place.....

....There's outrage at Mohammed Morsi for choosing to play to his fundamentalist constituency rather than appeal for calm. There's outrage towards Obama for playing the Arab Spring all wrong. There's outrage at the Arab Spring for supposedly being responsible for creating these extremists out of thin air.

But where is the outrage at Saudi Arabia, a country that continues to pump billions of dollars into exporting the extremist indoctrination, through mosques, madrasas and satellite television, which spawns these types of protests in the first place?

The Arab uprisings may have given a more prominent political platform to Islamists, and complicated the way in which these governments can deal with fundamentalists. But what doesn't come across in much of the Western coverage of these protests is that this is just the latest episode in a decades-long struggle between mainstream Islam and Gulf-backed Wahhabism......

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