Friday, September 14, 2012

German and UK Embassies in Sudan attacked, burning

Nice going lovable ones.

I want to see the anti-islam movies that the UK   and Germany     must have made that set off the mad dogs in Sudan against them.    Remember... Obama and Hillary and the entire bing-bang degenerates at the lefty media keep saying that the "anti-islam" movie made by an American has started the anti-American riots.  So.... going by that logic there must be an anti-islam movie made by a German and another made by a Britisher that has upset the cuties  .... or could it be that all infidels look alike?

And, do you think lefty journalists look like  infidels or Martians?  The fucking idiots don't understand that to the muzzies they are all infidels, however, with one difference... the lefties are cowardly, grovelling infidels.  The very worst kind that the muzzies would love to behead.

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